Creating a Monitored Only Lustre ldiskfs Filesystem on Vagrant HPC Storage Sandbox

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Create and setup your Vagrant cluster as described in Installing IML on Vagrant

Installing Lustre on each MDS and OSS Server

Lustre can now be installed on each mds and oss node.

vagrant provision mds1 mds2 oss1 oss2 --provision-with install-lustre-ldiskfs

Creating a monitored only ldiskfs based Lustre filesystem

Run the following vagrant provision script to setup the ldiskfs monitored only filesystem:

vagrant provision mds1 mds2 oss1 oss2 --provision-with create-monitored-ldiskfs-filesystem

After the provisioning script runs successfully, use the IML GUI to scan for the filesystem:

Configuration -> Servers -> Detect File Systems.

Click the Select All button to select all servers and finally, click on the Detect File Systems button to initiate the scan. The filesystem will be listed on the filesystems page when the scan completes.

Setting up Clients

Clients can be added once the filesystem detection completes. Refer to the following document to setup clients on the new filesystem.

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