Integrated Manager for Lustre software

Software Contributor Documentation

Help Docs Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  1. IML Contributor Workflow

  2. Building IML

  3. Building IML@4.0.x

  4. How to use the copr builder

  5. Running Unit Tests for integrated-manager-for-lustre Repo

  6. Create a Cluster of Virtual Machines with Vagrant

  7. Install IML on a Vagrant Virtual Cluster

  8. How to Uninstall IML

  9. Running SSI Tests

  10. Create a Sample Storage plugin

  11. IML Lustre Target Sequence Diagrams

  12. Create a Monitored only ldiskfs Filesystem on a Vagrant virtual cluster

  13. Models and Database Migrations

  14. Running IML on docker with vagrant servers


  1. Create a Monitored only ZFS Filesystem on a Vagrant virtual cluster

  2. Creating a Managed Lustre ZFS Filesystem on a Vagrant virtual cluster

  3. Setting up Lustre Clients

  4. Setup Power Control on a Vagrant virtual cluster

  5. How to debug rust tests

  6. How to debug a running nodejs process in vagrant

  7. How To Debug A Running Python Process

  8. Jenkins Pragmas

  9. Building Rust RPMs